Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, Deer...

My deer are back! OK, they're not MY deer in the sense that I own them... more like "my neighbours" than "my cat." They visited our yard a lot before the snow came, and then they were gone for a long time- not much point coming out here when there's no grass or clover available.
They came out again last week, after most of the snow had melted, and we've seen at least two of them (usually 3) together once or twice a day for the last 3 days. They're so pretty. Alert, too- if the boys or I go over to the big window, the deer have to stare at us for a few minutes to make sure we're not coming any closer before they can go back to their grazing. One of them doesn't even come far out of the trees- nervous disposition, I guess.
I got a few pictures this morning- not great ones (see above for the best one), but good enough. The deer in the picture there is hurt. I don't know what happened to her- I couldn't see any injuries, but she was limping and her leg (the one she's favouring in the picture) kept giving out on her. It was very sad. She was getting around, but it wasn't easy, and there's no way she can go fast if she needs to.
I don't need anyone to tell me that "these things happen" and "you shouldn't get attached to wild animals." I know that already, and I'm not attached- I haven't named them, they're not pets. But they're familiar, and the fact is that I hate to see anyone or anything suffering. I hope she's not in pain... and I hope she'll get better. I know her odds aren't good, though- there are cars, dogs and coyotes around here.
I try to remember that they live in a different world, where life is harder and nobody dies of old age. Sucks, though.

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