Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guest Post: Charles de la Puss

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I have purr-suaded The Woman to help me type this entry- it's the LEAST she could do after so many months of blatant neglect. OK, TECHNICALLY the least she could do would be nothing, but she would pay dearly for that in the form on even more ignoring than she usually gets, and perhaps Gus' hairballs redirected into her shoes. Am also planning on forcing her to post this message to her own blob so that person who reads it (whoever that fool is!) will know that SHE IS NEGLECTING THE CREATIVE EXPRESSION OF A POOR, POOR PUSS.

Anyways, things are purrty good other than that. We live in something called a "Noova Skoosha" now. It was cold when we moved here, and then it was snowy for a long time, but at least we have nice, big windows to look out of. I was excited to learn that we were going to have a "back duck"- turns out a "deck" is not the same thing, but sometimes there are FRIKKIN' HUGE black birds out there, anyway. Also teeny brown ones on the feeder.

Gus and go outside now sometimes. At first I was scared to leave the "deck", but now I prowl through the grass and stalk birds. I have to say, there's a world of difference between mice and birds! I'm a champion mouser, but I haven't yet been able to present a dead birdie to The Man to gain his favour. The grass is getting long out there, though, and I often have to *boing-boing-boing* over it when it tickles my belly. Then The People all laugh at me.

The Man now wears funny clothes to Work and drives a strange car when he goes there. Also, he has a gun, so I tend to keep my mouth shut when he's going to Work. Otherwise, I'm pretty much still all over him, but he claims he does not love me, and that I am "dead to him". BUT there was this one time when I was being really "pathetic" (HIS word, not mine!) and rubbing on the coffee table, and he scooped me onto the couch and rubbed my belly. HEAVEN!

The Childrens are getting bigger. I don't see them a lot during the day, since I've pretty much claimed the basement as my terror-tory, but The Baby is now walking, and he chases Gus around sometimes to hug him and/or bite his tail. Litttle freak.

I have to go nap now- WHAT, Woman? She gives me the dirtiest looks when I'm napping... or contemplating napping... she also gets mad when I wake her up at 4 in the morning, when I say, "YOOOOOWLLLL?"People are SO weird.I am considering highjacking her blob on a weekly basis. This would approximately triple "her" frequency of posting. I'm a better writer than she is, anyway.


WOMN! ware are yoo goign!? git bak here and tipe fur me, dammit!1

o darn.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poor Baby!

My poor little Ike's got a sick tummy. I don't think it's the flu- he's not acting sick otherwise. What he's doing is making other people sick when they have to change his diapers. Good LORD, that's some nasty stuff! If they could mass-produce it, it would be the ultimate biological weapon. I don't know what this child ate to bring the wrath of the gods of indigestion down upon our heads (not literally, thank God!), but I hope he never finds it again.

Along with this (and definitely related), he's got a wicked diaper rash. Actually, it's a butt-rash- his diapers seem perfectly comfortable and rash-free. Every time I change Ike's diaper, Simon's standing there* going, "Oooooh- Ike's got RED on hims bum!" What started out as very localized rashiness has spread to a butt-wide redness, like his little arse is horribly embarrassed about the hazardous wate it's producing on such a regular basis.

At least he's happy- this would be a lot harder to deal with if he had a fever, etc. to deal with at the same time. Poor li'l gaffer!

*Simon is our self-appointed diaper inspector.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taking the Plunge

Have I ever mentioned that I hate making decisions? It's bad enough when I have to decide what to have for suppers next week and all the input I get is, "Doesn't matter- whatever" and "Kwaf' Dinner... an' CHOKWIT!"

Big decisions are worse.

I told AJ a while ago that when he got his raise (whick takes 6-8 weeks to process and is then paid retroactively, resulting in one pretty nice paycheque), he could get a new TV. A bigger TV. He's worked unbelievably hard this past year, and it's not often that we can afford a big "treat,"so there you have it. A co-worker of his is moving in a few months, and we've agreed to give his TV a good home. It's a good deal- perfect condition, a lot less money than he paid for it a few years ago, surround sound, nice TV stand, DVD player...

And a 61" screen.

I'm having trouble picturing that. All I know is that it's one big-ass TV, and that Simon's little head might explode the first time he watches "Cars" or "Superman" on that thing.

It's a lot of money- more than we've spent on a single item at one time before. There are other things we could use that money for... paying off debts, getting the car re-painted, the million-and-a-half little things we've been waiting on, putting off until we have the money... but this one time, I'm telling him to go ahead and spend the money on himself. That's the decision we've made.

God save my living room!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Blog

Not mine- this is a good one. If you're in the market for baby/kid gear and are looking for reviews from a mom (especially one who's not getting paid for said reviews), check out Opinionated, Baby. Oh, and Hayley's in Canada, so there won't be a lot of really great-looking stuff that you can only get in the States.

I suspect that there will be many entries about the amazing hand-made baby clothes, toys, bath products and diapers available at Etsy... just a hunch.

Baby stuff that's actually useful. Go figure.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Uuuuugh- I can't stop with the shuddering. I've got the willies. The heebie-jeebies, if you will.

There are june bugs biuncing off my living room window. For those of you who are blessedly unfamiliar with this creature from the depths of Hell, it's a large, brown beetle-type bug, approximately the size of your average Volkswagen (car, not SUV. That would be ridiculous). They usually come out at night... this would by why I'm IN at night these days. They fly through the air, though not with the greatest of ease- their big, non-aerodynamic bodies seem to bumble every which way, and the damn things WILL NOT STOP CRASHING INTO MY WINDOW.

Also, they crunch really loud when you step on them.

(thanks, insectphotos.net)
Here's the weird thing: I can handle most creepy-crawlies. Spiders? Don't mind 'em at all. Anything that eats mosquitos is fine by me*. Mice? Adorable, if possibly disease-ridden. Rats? Wouldn't want a sewer rat in my home, but I've had pet "fancy" rats before. Very sweet. Snakes aren't a problem- I usually try to catch them.
I don't know what it is about june bugs that is so horrible to me. Maybe the thought of them flying at me and getting caught in my hair... UGH! Regular beetles don't bug me (pun intended) at all.
My other arch-nemesis in the invertebrate world is, of course, the house centipede (or "gazillipede"). Freakishly disgusting. I freeze stiff if I see one.
Newfoundland has neither june bugs nor gazillipedes, as far as I can tell. I have a long list of reasons for wanting to move back there some day- this one's getting pretty high on the list.
*shudder again*
*Taquitos are good, too.