Saturday, March 21, 2009

I need to throw up. I WANT to throw up- it would probably make my stomach feel better, at least for a little while. But I can't. If I do that, I'll lose the Advil Liqui-Gels I just took for this facking migraine I've got, and where would that leave me? I'd also lose this giant cup of caffeine-y goodnedd I'm nursing, which is also an essential part of my migraine cocktail.

Also, tea and toast taste terrible on the way back up. I know this and many other things from my experiences in the magical land of morning sickness- I can provide a detailed list of exactly how bad many things taste on the way back up (hint: nothing tastes better coming up than it did going down).

Good Lord, it hurts! This sucker started yesterday, but didn't get really bad until this morning. I would be crying if I hadn't trained myself not to- that only makes it hurt more. Crying doesn't help one stay calm or hydrated, you know.

Ike's smelly butt isn't helping my head, and the sight of his runny nose is, quite frankly, not doing much for the nausea. I adore that child, but at this moment he's 2/3 of a migraine perfect storm- at least he's not screaming. I need to go take care of that.

I wish I could take Immitrex right now- it's a nasal spray, so I wouldn't have to worry about puking it up, and it works on migraines... then again, it would probably be too late; I think you have to take it at the beginning of these things. I don't have any, though- don't even have a prescription. That stuff knocks me right out- a blessing under normal circumstances, but not exactly safe when you're responsible for two active, curious little boys. Probably not good to have in breastmilk, either, though that's only an issue at night these days.

Oh, to be able to go to bed with a dark cloth over my eyes, an ice pack under my head, and earplugs in my head!

The things you don't appreciate before you have kids...

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