Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Good Thing He's Cute, I'll Tell You That...

Mister Isaac had a surprisingly early morning today, considering the fact that he got up after I went to bed last night and stayed up with his "Dad-Daaay!" until 11:30 last night. Crazy child. I get the feeling that he missed AJ just a little bit while he was away. Maybe.

This morning, however, has got NOTHING on that very secial morning last weekend when Ike turned himself into a Smurf. That must have been Saturday morning- AJ was home for a quick visit before heading back to P.E.I., and he was having a good sleep-in. Ike was up early, though, and in full hurricane mode. He must have been up all night planning the morning's shenanigans:


5:45- wake mommy up (remember to smile and hug her so she can't be mad. Laugh to self about her hair.)

6:10- breakfast. Throw cereal EVERYWHERE.

7:00- wake Simon up while he's sure to still be good and cranky.

7:05- stare at Simon. Grin madly when he starts screaming, "IKE'S LOOKIN' AT MEEEE! MAKE HIS STOP LOOKIN' AT MEEEEEEE!"

7:06- stand closer to Simon. Do not touch him. Just look. Be very happy.

(break time- look at some books and act all angelic-like)

7:45- start poking at the DVD player. Watch mom for reaction.

7:55- leave DVD player alone. Poke at VCR; get taken away from the whole shebang.

8:02- go back and start banging on Daddy's huge TV. Wonder what "Daddy's gonna kill you!" means. Follow with standard mess-making and un-tidying.

8:40- follow mom around as she sweeps the floor. Shuffle through dirt pile.

9:02- be good for at least 10 minutes to lower mom's defenses. VERY IMPORTANT.

9:12- bust into cupboard under sink and rummage through garbage. Locate old turquoise ink pad; keep this a secret until mouth, chin and hands have succesfully been dyed.

9:13- show mommy what I found. Aren't I a good boy for entertaining myself?!

9:17- bathtime! Submit to much scrubbing. Continue to look like suffering from serious hypothermia. Laugh.

9:25- play happily in tub. Poop when mom's not looking.

9:26- get yanked out of bath; run off while mom cleans up stinky poop; pee on living room floor.

9:30- protest being put to bed at this unreasonable hour. Bang crib into wall until allowed to get up.

9:36- still stinky- get second bath of the day. AWRIGHT!

9:40- out of tub. Run away; pee on living room floor.

9:45- wonder why mommy's pulling all of her hair out.

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